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September 2010 and
Annual General Meeting October 2010

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting
Held 20.00 Wednesday 1st September 2010
at Llandudno Junction Community Club
Victoria Drive, Llandudno Junction

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the members who provided an excellent show of Bikes on a lovely summer evening.

Report on the shows:
Future Shows:
Bikes For Sale
    Triumph Trophy, Ducati X Reg Ex Ray Cochran both machines See Gordon,
    2010 Honda Apachi 250cc,Quad Bike Taxed 2010 Contact Carl Hughes
or call @ Universal Autos Llandudno
    1961 B.S.A. A10 4.500 01492 547982


Minutes of Annual General Meeting
Held 20.00 Wednesday 6th October 2010
at Llandudno Junction Community Club
Victoria Drive, Llandudno Junction

The proceedings were Chaired by the Secretary, Mr Len Lees, The secretary extended a warm welcome to all members, the total attendance being 60 plus. The news of the Chairman, Gordon Davis, is that he was still in hospital in Wrexham. A get well Card was circulated and signed by all the Members.

The following officers were elected:
  Proposer     Seconder
Chairman Mr. Gordon Davis Roy Garside Sid Grogan
Secretary Mr. Len Lees Chris Mills John Liversege
Membership Secretary     Mr. Ray Massey Andy Fogg Jim Brett
Treasurer Mr. Niall Maclean     Roy Gartside Haydn Lewis
Assistant Treasurer Mr. Pete Fogg Chris Langdon     Jim Brett

The following Non-Executive Officers were Duly Elected:
Mr Chris Langdon   Events Secretary
Mr Alun Chaplin Librarian
Mr Beaver Hughes     Archivist
Mr Trevor Jones Spares Secretary

There were no further matters raised at the AGM.

a The highlight of the Evening came with the Arrival of the Sausages and Chips, hotly pursued by the membership, and to keep up the best traditions of this Society 64 Members took advantage of the situation and enjoyed a very well cooked supper. Some were even spotted struggling with a Chip Butty. After the feast the membership gave a thunderous applause for the staff for the good food and service provided as a gesture for the BMPS support for the Adam Price Appeal.

The Next Meeting will be on Wednesday 3rd November 2010.

The final piece of news:
A day out to Stafford, to the Classic Mechanics Show which always brings out a good selection of Japanese classic. Machines most looking as though they had just come out of the factory. For the second time the coach avoided the M6 on the way home because heavy goods were blocking 3 lanes of the M6.